Wipeout India's poverty 1% at a time

After reading this tweet from Javed Akthar i had this brilliant idea.

@Javedakhtarjadu: 40% Indians are bellow poverty line.35%  some how manage two square meals.15% are having a party .is it fine by you?

Why are the less fortunate being neglected by fortunate people ?Are Indians not generous? no we are generous people. So why are we allowing so many people to suffer like this. The answer i think is many want to help and don't know how. If they do know how, they don't trust the process and think its corrupted.So how can we change this situation ?Most of the charities take quite a lot of effort on the individuals part to contribute. It has to be seamless and people shouldn't even see the process. So how can we make this seamless, that's were modern technology and branding come into effect.Have you seen the vegetarian logo on food items, the green square with a green circle inside. Make a charity symbol that looks something like that. Make a logo for it so people recognize it.Now we have branding how to get the money ?Every time a user buys a product that has that symbol he automatically is donating a 1% to less fortunate.1. So how small can the amount be? It has to really small something like 1%.2. So will we put that symbol on everything? No we will not, only on luxuries.3. So what is a luxury? Anything that is above the basic.Here are some of the examplesAbove 500 Rs bill at a shopping center - 2.50 Rs gratitudeAbove 500 Rs mobile recharge - 2.50 Rs gratitudeAbove 5000 Rs phone is a luxury - 25 Rs gratitudeAbove 40000 Rs bike is a luxury - 200 Rs gratitudeAbove 300000 Rs car is a luxury - 1500 Rs gratitudeAbove 1000 Rs fuel fill up - 5 Rs gratitudeSo you see how this works there will be a basic price for everything and anything over that will have a 1% gratitude tax. Its small enough people don't care about it.You can even make a super luxury section where 2% is given like for cars, watches, perfumes, purses, beauty products etc.How to automate this process ?This organization could make deals with mobile operators, super markets, petrol pumps, luxury hotels, movie theaters, amusement parks, everyone who sells luxury items even manufactures.How much will this earn to wipeout poverty ?456.58 million user of mobile in india as of june 2010 - lets assume only  25 % of them are active users 144 million - lets assume only 25 % users recharge every month 28.5 million users - 25% recharges are for 500 Rs which is 7 million X 2.5 Rs Gratitude taxThats 17.5 million rupees just from mobile recharges every month.I intentionally put all the figures low to show you how much this could earn even with the worst estimates.Now add fuel, shopping and everything else luxury and you see how much money this could bring in to the less fortunate every month.How will this money be distributed to less fortunate ?Everyone who is less fortunate will be given a atm card that works with any atm machine. You might think atm cards are complicated for people with no education.This card will be simple, just put in the card anyway, any side and it automatically give you a fixed amount per month which will be alloted by the organization. No pressing buttons or entering anything. This way people less fortunate can get help with some dignity. They don't have to ask anyone or wait anywhere.Who is less fortunate ?There are many metrics and more smarter people than me who could figure this one out.Even if you don't implement all this, even a small part of this idea could wipeout poverty in India. People of India are willing to help others as long as it doesn't take huge effort on their part. And as long as its small enough that they don't notice.If anyone can implement this let me know, i will help you in any way i can. i don't have the know how or the resources to implement this.Here is another innovative idea by Sunil Malhotra to help the less fortunate during disastersI personally donate in different way more about it in another post.