Bsnl 3G data card the best there is, work on mac

I have been using bsnl 3G data card on my 13 inch macbook for the past two months. And i am pretty happy with it, here are the reasons why.

1. Its Truly Unlimited and not  15 Gb unlimited like Tataphoton and Reliance netconnet highspeed.

2. Its Unlimited even when roaming

3. It works pretty well on a Mac

4. It has 3G network in most parts of India already

5. You can recharge Bsnl 3G data card online using

6. No more worry about wires, modems routers. Just plug it in and get internet anywhere.

7. Its cheapest 3G unlimited out there.Just two months back you had to pay 3000 Rs for 1 month for unlimited, now they have dropped the price to 1499 Rs. Which is the lowest i think any 3G unlimited package will ever get. Others might offer cheaper unlimited packaged but they will be crippled unlimited not truly unlimited.


It looks like a big usb pen drive with a small removable cover on the back which hides the bsnl #3G sim. There is a slot for a memory card which when inserterd can be used as a pen drive with this bsnl data card. All the other data cards also provide this feature, its a helpful feature which i have not yet used. There is one led light on the device which blinks green when the device is connected to the internet. When its switched off it glows red.The device costs 2500 Rs and comes with a 500 Mb free usage. Unlimited data plan costs 1499 Rs.


On windows once you plug it in, it shows as a bsnl drive just click on it and the installation begins. Once the installation is done. It will show you the dialer and you select internet and click the connect button that's it. You are online with 3G speeds.

On mac once you plug it in it shows up as a cd drive. Just copy the mac folder on to your desktop and open the installation file in it. Which installs and puts a blue 3G icon app in the application folder. Just click it and the dialer will load. Wait a few second while the data card detects the sim and show you the network.

On mac you have to manually type some settings in, once you do you are online.Click on the "default configuration" and select edit configuration.Click the "+" icon and make a new connection give it a name, any name.Now put the settings shown in the picture.

Telephone Number : *99***#Username & Password : Leave blankAPN : bsnlnetThe dns settings are not necessary, i use them because they make it a little bit faster. Those are Google DNS settings.Save these settings.Now select the setting you just created and click connect. You should be online.One more thing you should notice this is for both mac & pc's in settings on the dialer. Select "3G only" otherwise it will keep going to 2G if coverage in your area is weak.

If its on 3G it should show this.


If its in 3G you can get speeds up t0 3mbps. Not on all the site or downloads, but most of them. Browsing you will never have to wait for a page load. And youtube standard quality videos can be seen without buffering.You can download5 mb in 1 minute30 mb in 5 minutes100 mb in 15 minutesLast month i used around 60 Gb mostly watching youtube videos and download podcasts. This month its up to 50 Gb and i have 10 more days to go.With such cheap data plans and these speeds i don't know why any one would look else where. If bsnl can keep up with the demand and speed as more and more users start using this service. Its game over for Tataphoton and Reliance netconnet highspeed.We were waiting for the future and its here. What are you waiting for get Bsnl 3G data card....

Update ....Bsnl has reduced the unlimited 3G plans further to 700 Rs per month. So let the pricing war begin...