Google's sms channels in indian labs

Google is testing a cool idea where users can create sms channels in which they can send daily sms's. This is a cool features for friends and small business.You login with your google user id and make your own sms channel. Once you make a channel you can make it invitation only or public. When you send a sms to that channel, it will be sent to all the people in that channel. You can also send sms's online without any charges.You can also make a friends channel and make it invitation only and send it to your friends. Once they join if you send a sms it will be automatically sent to all your friends, who joined that group.Small business could use this feature to send special offer etc.Using this channel you can also join other sms channels that belong to your area or your interest like jokes, news, stock tips, quotes etc. And receive sms's from them free of cost. Even cricket scores are available.Go here to try it out is a cool trick i made a channel with my number and when ever i want to send small amount of text or url etc to my phone, i just copy and paste to that channel. And i get a sms to my phone with that info.