I am canceling my BSNL broadband connection

I am going to cancel my bsnl broadband connection, why you ask?I pay 1650 Rs per month and it gives me only 512 kbps. And half of the time its dead and i have to call the BSNL office and they never respond. Its a post paid connection and i have to pay even when i am out of town and not using it.BSNL 3G data card is much better. I can take it with me where ever i go. Even to other states at no extra cost. Since its a prepaid connection, if i know i will not be using internet for long, i can even take a cheaper packages.BSNL could give me a 8 mbps connection at 1650 Rs and i might think about keeping broadband. But even then i think BSNL 3G data card it more practical and better.At 3 mbps you can stop worrying about internet speed and start using it.After more than 8 years or so i finally will cancel my broadband connection which i never thought would happen.