New Macbook Air costs 60000 Rs in india

I too was interested in getting the new macbook air's that Steve jobs showed in yesterdays "Back to mac" event. If it was priced at the same price its available in USA 999$ (44276 Rs), i would have considrered it. But it will cost 60000 Rs in India. You might ask how did i get to that price.Its quite simple actually, the 13inch white macbook which are priced for 999$ in US cost 60000 Rs in India. So the cheapest 11inch macbook air will cost 60000 Rs and 13 inch will cost you as much as 75000 Rs.If price is not an issues for you, get the macbook 13inch which gives you longer battery life and more screen real estate.If it was priced as much as the ipad apple would have the whole netbook market. But they went for a higher price which will again see not many people getting the air.I have seen the old air in person and was so tempted to buy it, when i was buying my macbook. But 30000 Rs price difference between macbook and air kept me from buying the air. If you get a chance just go and check out the macbook in person its the pinnacle of  industrial design and product design.