World’s 1st 10000 crores house called Antilla

I am really happy that someone like Mukesh Ambani has built a house that costs 10000 crores. It is being opened on October 28th, when our politicians live in such luxuary why not the richest indian who has more than earned it.It will provide jobs to many, it will need 600 employes to run this house. Thats provides much need jobs to many. This will also be an inspiration to every indian entrepreneur. What is the point of wealth if you can enjoy it.Some figures about the house1. 27-stored building is 570 feet high6 floors of parking for 160 cars3 heli pads1 mini-theatre for 504 floors will be occupied for the Ambani's which is 4 lakh square feet.They are just some stunning figures...Wouldn't it be cool if Ambani's invite 100 citizens from all over India randomly to the opening. Can i get one please..All i can say is great some one has built the ultimate House ever and its in India, we all should be proud. Don't comment saying it waste of money when so much poverty exsits in India etc.We are the same people who watch 100 crore movies and just recently hosted Rs 30000 crore common wealth games in delhi etc. Think about those before you comment. This at least could inspire many to come out of poverty, what did those movie and games do other than make a few people rich.