Do this Increase speed on Bsnl 3G data cards

These are not hacks they are more like tips. By default the BSNL software choose the preferred network automatically. What does this mean, when ever there is a problem with 3G network it will automatically go to 2G network.

It might happen just for a while some time, but could take longer too. It happens automatically you will not even notice it. But the speed difference is quite big.

So diable automatic and choose 3G only which can be done by going to the settings when its disconnected.

Don’t forget to put it back to automatic when your roaming or when you are in no 3G areas.

Also changing the DNS which also can only be done when disconnected helps too.

Use the google DNS which is faster, the settings are.

Using these trick you could increase your speeds quite a bit.

One more thing to keep in mind is as more and more user start learning about the 3G network and start using it will eventually get slower.

Hopefully BSNL will keep adding more bandwidth.

I sometimes get 3 mbps when i am downloading stuff. Most of the times its around 300 kbps. Which is faster than their broadband.