No cheaper way to speed up internet connection

Many people ask me how to increase speed. I am using my mobile as modem on a 2G sim. That’s a dial up connection which you can’t make much faster. Changing the dns on the system or your mobile could help a little but not much. If you want good speed you have to get a faster connection like the 3G data cards or wired broadband connection which are becoming cheap now.

Dial up – 20 kbps – 100 mb takes 2 hours (2G sim, Mobile Internet etc) 100 Rs – 250 Rs per months Broadband - 40-50 kbps - 100 mb takes 1 hour (Wired Broadband connection, 2G datacards) 250 Rs – 750 Rs

3G data cards – 150 kbps - 100 mb takes 1/2 hour (New 3G sim and 3G data cards) 750 Rs – 1500 Rs

When not busy you can get up to 1-3 mbps in some areas.

There are other tricks like using opera browser and using their turbo mode etc. But most people want to increase speed in seeing videos and downloads.

Which can’t be done cheaply, So get one of the cheap wired connections or pay little premium and get 3G data cards.

That is the only sure way to get good speeds.