This has to be the best 2011 calendar in India

This calendar was sent to me by Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Artists (IMFPA). It has very beautiful paintings done by foot and mouth by some disabled artists in India. So by buying this calendar you will be helping them. What a nice way to start the new year 2011. But that is not the reason why its the best calendar in India for 2011. It has a very special feature that makes it unique.

Once each month finishes you can tear the numbers off and send the photo as a post card. How cool is that, why haven’t other calendar makers thought of this.

That way you will be using the calendar even after its use is finished, how cool is that. It also has some very beautiful painting, see some of them below.

They are charging Rs. 395 for this calendar. So for a 12 month table calendar which can be turned into 12 greetings you only pay Rs. 395. Which i think is a bargain and you are also helping people make a decent living.

So go get your calendar here. I payed for mine and can’t wait for the month to end. So that i can use the postcard. These calendars will be my yearly calendars from now on.

How nice would it have been if Kingfisher calendars were used for doing some good in India. Can you imagine the money they could get for the needy.