No 3G for me please

After seeing all the 3G data plans i have decided to stay on 2G for my mobile for the moment. Even though i have a 3G capable mobile (HTC HD7). I will only upgrade to 3G once these providers give me reasonable data plans. What is the point of having 21 Mbps speeds, if you can finish it in 15 minutes. I rather use a 20 Kbps speed for unlimited time with 2G Sim. And it only costs me 97 Rs on Aircel.

I was hoping BSNL or Aircel would offer unlimited plan but even they have decided not to.

Now BSNL has even withdrawn its unlimited plan for 3G data cards or Usb modems. So i will even go to 2G data cards once my unlimited 3G plans finishes which is two months away.

These companies will offer unlimited plans sooner than expected because no one is going to get these costly plans they are offering now. Its only a matter of time and who buckles to the pressure first. Once one provider does it all of them will start offering it. Look at what happened with 2G data cards.

If you haven’t gone to 3G yet wait don’t upgrade because its way too costly to use 3G now. Even to get 1G you have to pay around 500 Rs with the cheapest plan from any provider. That would only last about 1 hour of HD you tube watching.

So if any 3G providers are listening out there, let people use your service and only then will you make money. By keeping these plans so high you are scaring people away. It cost 15000 Rs for 1 GB with pays as you go plan. Good luck finding people who will use them.

Even if you can’t give me unlimited at least give me 100 GB at 1 Mbps and i am willing to pay 2500 Rs per month. Until then i will keep using 2G.

PS : Many people are switching to 3G, so 2G is quite fast now.