iPhone launch imminent, why you shouldn't get one

Rumors of iPhone launch are all over the news. They are saying it will launch by this weekend. But here is why you shouldn't get this iPhone 4 now.

In a few days time Apple is having a dev conference, even though there are rumors that no iPhone will be announced at the event. It can't be that far behind.

Some are saying that they will announce a new iPhone 5 in September. Its just few months away.

Looking at the things being launched by other mobile manufacture it will have a dual core chip.

This iPhone 4 that is being launched in India now is already a year old.

So don't buy one as iPhone 5 is just around the corner.

Hopefully iPhone 5 will be launched in India as quickly as iPad 2 was launched.

If you don't mind having a old phone in few month go ahead and buy one.

IPhone has the longest shelf life as new models are launched once a year.

But this is the wrong time to buy one.