Last unlimited plan falls, welcome to fair use

Few days back while checking the Aircel tariff plans i noticed that their 97 Rs -30 days plan has changed. Now its 3 Gb fair use limit and you get charged 10 p/Kb or 100 Rs per Mb after that. This was a pure unlimited plan before, now like all the other carriers they too have changed their unlimited plan. Its not like they are offering 3G unlimited plans for customers to switch to.

I am getting myself accustomed to start paying for Bandwidth and stop thinking about ever getting a truly unlimited plan in India. I don't think any carrier in India will ever offer unlimited from now on. All will be fair use unlimited plans which are bandwidth plans just marketed as unlimited plans.

I would have been fine if the fair use was a bit better implemented. If 10 Gb was offered as fair use that would give you around 350 Mb per day which would be more than enough even for heavy users. But with 3 Gb limit you get around 100 Mb per day which might seem like lot. but that is just three 5 minute videos on YouTube at normal quality or 2 game downloads etc.

Sad to see the last unlimited plan fall, hoping the carriers will come to their senses and offer higher bandwidth plans at cheaper rates.

When world over speeds are increasing and getting faster we still struggling to implement 3G and 2 Mbps broadband. Hoping that the greed of our carriers will not leave us too far behind.

Now i have no reason to stay with Aircel, soon i will be using MNP to switch carriers. Bsnl or Vodafone seem like the most likely one...