Manoramic Finally a legal mp3 music store in india


This site is shutting down, sad to see such a service going down. It will close on may 15th, I wonder how anyone in India will ever find a legitimate music service.

The coupon will add 5 FREE download credits over and above the download credits that come with our three download packages. Eg. if the user provides the coupon code when purchasing the Rs.239 package for 40 download credits, their account will be credited with 45 download credits.

This is what i was asking for the past few years. A service cheap enough that i can afford to pay.

This new service is offering mp3 downloads at 6 Rs per song, no DRM etc 128 bit mp3′s.

This is the cheapest legal way to download music in India that i know of. Unlike itunes your can stream all the songs for free online. If you want to download its 6 Rs per song for their Premium Package. Most of the songs are available for download with some exceptions.

In Premium Package you get 40 downloads for 250 Rs, no time limit. The downloads are yours for life, will play on any device, mp3 players, mobiles etc No DRM pure mp3′s. They have other plans too see here for more.

Now the song catalog they have close to 330000 songs in 45 languages and 200 genres. I have found songs here which don’t appear on or

The best part is you can stream all the music for free. Only pay when you want to download. For 6 Rs your get 128 bit mp3 with album art and all the details.

The only downside i can find from the site is even if you pay they are showing advertisements. Which could have been avoided. I guess they have to pay for the streaming service.

Now you have no excuse not to buy music in India. Support such service now and if more people start using the service the rates could go down further.

I am a Premium Package user already.

Go to legally download mp3′s from Manoramic