How to make windows mobile no 1 mobile OS

Microsoft has put in all the necessary features in windows mobile 7. But its still not the no.1 mobile operating system out there. So how can they make it into one.

Windows mobile has all the talking points of other systems good hardware, apps, notification, over the air updates. Even a program similar to iTunes to sync with PC.

So what’s stopping them from taking the No.1 spot


Not all the major apps are still on WM. No dropbox, evernote etc. Even big media companies has no apps on WM. No CNN, Nytimes, BBC etc. All these have official apps for other operating systems.


Microsoft recently paid Nokia 1 Billion dollars. So it’s not short on cash, with this money. It could encourage the big apps on other platforms to come to WM. If they are still not interested lend your developers and make apps for them. Make sure all the features of WM are supported on the apps like live tiles, notifications, upcoming multitasking etc.

You don’t have to do 10000 Application just 50 or 100 top applications that are being used heavily on other platforms.

This will make sure people who want to try WM don’t have any excuse.


Lack of updates and the 1 update that has been released so far was filled with problems and roll out issues.


Since windows has already set a basic benchmark for the hardware it can’t be that hard updating it. Rather than wait for 1 big update, push smaller updates until you catch up with others. Put 1 update a month with whatever features are finished.

This will keep it in the news, which in turn will encourage more customers to try it out.



On windows they have Zune software and on mac there is a windows phone connector 7. The mac version of the software is basic.


You have enough programmers to push a full iTunes like software for WM. So try to get that out as soon as possible on both PC & mac. It should have support for applications & media syncing.

When apple can simultaneously push windows and mac iTunes software why can’t a big company like Microsoft.


Online Application Store

There is none at the moment and all the other mobile operating systems have one.


It can’t be that hard for Microsoft to implement this. Make it something similar to Android one. Where when users install app from the website they are pushed to the device.

All the things i mentioned can be easily done by a company as big as Microsoft. When Android & Apple are updating their operating system so quickly and so fast. Microsoft can’t take the 1 update a year route.