Why so many pre announcements by Apple

Apple’s WWDC will start on June 6th. Its just a few days away. Then why is Apple making so many announcements and releases.

They never talk about the topics to be discussed during the keynote in advance. So why did they announce it early, from all the rumors sites its seem like. They just wanted to keep expectation in check. And the stock from falling when there will be no iPhone announcement.

Are they double bluffing and will they surprise everyone by announcing iPhone 5. I don’t think so, i don’t think they will even mention the future iPhone’s at this event because they don’t want to cannibalize their current iPhone 4 sales.

Then about the iWork why did they release it, just a few days ahead of the WWDC. I just downloaded the universal app for Numbers and its a 100 MB download, if you have all the other iWork apps it around 300 MB download.

Even Garageband & iMovie updated on June 1st. That’s nearly 400 Mb download in total. Which they wanted people to get before WWDC. So you can imagine that they have some big downloads coming at WWDC, IOS 5 will it be available on 6th?. Some rumors are even saying that Lion update for macos will be available as a download after the keynote.

No matter what this will be an interesting WWDC to watch.