You seriously think Lokpal Bill will end corruption!

You seriously think Lokpal Bill will end corruption

If you think Lokpal Bill will put an end to corruption i really feel sorry for you. You are seriously underestimating the will and trickery of our corrupt Indians.

Before you think Lokpal Bill will help fight corruption know this. The problem is not that we don’t know where corruption is happening. The real problem is that, we can’t prosecute the people who have been caught taking bribes.

Bill like Lokpal could not have done anything to stop 2G scam. We know the scam happened, we know who did it. But let see how long it will take for them to prosecute those who have been arrested.

Let take a look at China, there corruption is dealt with very seriously. People are executed if found guilty, but can you say corruption doesn’t exist in China.

Similarly even if we bring the best laws and regulatory bodies. People will always find a way around it.

Don’t forget this is the same country. Where a man started 250 companies to hide his corruption. I am talking about Satyam.

So is there no hope, there is hope rather than put up another committee that can get corrupt. Why not take practical steps to make it hard for corruption to happen.

One suggestion i have heard is that banning 1000 Rs & 500 Rs notes will help it. That’s a very good idea, also turn all the future government schemes and tenders into a public auctions.

These are some of the things that I can think of, many smart people out there with even more brilliant ideas.

Lets implement them, why is money going out of India. What can we do to stop it, like give them incentives to keep them money here. If we have to reduce tax liability etc let do it.

Last thing we need is another committee that every other party or person will claim is corrupt when the are found guilty.