best way to track your investments

Just found out this new site called which allow you to track your investments like stock and mutual funds.

The first thing you notice about this site is the clean interface. It just takes 30 seconds to sign up for the service. just give email & password and you account is created.

And investments is as easy as typing the details.

It has such clean interface. And comes with some cool extras that will help you invest better. It will show you in a graph you daily profit and loss etc.

If you want to dig deep it will give you more details in a much cleaner interface.

Loving the site so far, hope they keep the interface as clean as this. I am even willing to pay for this if they can keep it this clean.

I have used to track my investments before but their site is filled with so many ad's that its hard to even use it.

So go sign up for and help they build a good financial site.