Tatasky mobile accessory review

Tatasky mp3 infrared accessory unboxing. Its available for 300 Rs from tatasky

Vimeo - TataSky Mp3 accessory Unboxing

How to setup up the universal remote with the mp3 accessory & tatasky mobile app

Vimeo - How to use TataSky Mobile remote

Comparison between Tatasky settop box remote v/s Mobile app universal remote

Vimeo - TataSky Remote Speed Test

Tatasky mobile universal remote is the best option if you want to control multiple devices like tv, dvd and amplifiers etc. If you just have a tv and set top box its not worth the hassle.

There is a few seconds delay which can get annoying after a while. They also need to improve the app ui interface. now you have to fumble 3 screens to get all the set top box controls.

There is not much they can do technology wise, so all we can hope is a iPad app and a better remote interface. I do have to give them credit for thinking forward with such an audacious idea.

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