How to beat the aircel and airtel gprs

If you are looking for a cheap way to use internet on your mobile. Both these companies offer 1 month unlimited gprs plans that cost 97 and 98 Rs per month. You get 2 Gb to 3 Gb with each carriers, after which you will be charged.

But most mobile users will not cross this limit, so for 100 Rs per month you could be connected all the time.

So how to beat them, this is not hack to get free gprs or anything like that. What both these companies do is they automatically deduct money after the 1 month period, no warnings or reminders. If you are not careful you will lose the balance on your mobile.

So to use the internet fully for 98 Rs.

Make sure to recharge only with 100 Rs talk time. That way even if you forget the 1 month limit only 100 Rs will be lost. So recharge with less than 100 Rs talk time at a time. This also helps you keep track of your mobile use.

Also set a reminder to recharge your 98 Rs internet, make sure to set it a day or two earlier than 1 month. That way you will recharge it and you will not lose your talk time balance.

Also install apps to track your data usage like netcounter for android. There are free apps for ios and other platforms too.

By keeping track of your bandwidth you can make sure that your don't go over the 2 GB or the 3 GB limit set by these carriers.

So use these tips to stay connected all the time. I been burned a few times by forgetting to recharge in time. So these are the tricks I use now to take full advantage of the gprs service provided by both the carriers.

By the way this gprs service is only available for 2G users sorry 3G people, until cheap data plans come i am not switching.