Samsung Galaxy S2 review

Samsung Galaxy S2 The is the top of the line android phone that you can buy at the moment. This phone will also get the recently released ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich update).


The first thing you will notice is the 4.3 inch screen which is huge compared to iphone 4S or other similar devices. The screen is Super AMOLED Plus screen, so its gorgeous.

The second thing is its weight less, it almost feels like a fake phone with nothing inside. Its only weighs 116 g. Go to your nearest mobile store lift a iphone 4 and then this phone and you will be amazed at how weightless this device feels.

The back cover of the phone is a paper thin piece of plastic. Which helps in keeping the weight down considerably. The battery occupies most of the back side, which means its a big battery that lasts all day.

It also has a 8 MP with autofocus and LED flash, it can record 1080 p video at 30 fps which means video will look stunning and smooth. Also has a secondary front facing 2 MP camera for video chatting and self portraits.

It has one home button like the iphone the other two buttons are touch sensitive buttons which light up when you touch them.


Samsung Galaxy S2

The phone is amazing to use with a big 4.3 inch screen. Using the web or watching videos etc is really fun to do because of the big screen. Video looks amazing on this device.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Even with hard to use android operating system, with Samsung's modifications it is easy to use. Even though there is small learning curve once you know about all the feature you will love this phone.

Once you use 4.3 inch screen for a few days you can't go back to smaller screen size. The touch screen works flawlessly.

The battery on the phone easily lasts a full day with internet usage and phone usage.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung have added some special touch gesture to make it much easier to use. You can swipe right on a contact to send sms or swipe left to call the person.

There are some other special gesture called motion gesture like the double finger zoom or the single finger panning etc. These can be found in the settings under motion. But you will not use them after trying them for few times. Those are not really practical to use.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung also provide some beautiful widgets with the TouchWiz UI v4.0 (which is the customization layer they add on top of android). It also has some nice settings to make it easier to use.

Samsung Galaxy S2


How good is this phone, i have made this phone as my primary mobile device thats how good. If you are looking for the best phone on android at the moment, this is the best one out there. Even google's own newly announced Galaxy nexus comes way behind this phone.

So if you can afford 29000 Rs and like using android this is the phone for you.

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