2011 a personal year review

Last year in every sense was a bad year, personally for me. But when I look back there are some amazing things that I did even in a bad year. May be this will help you look back at your life and realize that it wasn't all that bad after all.

Some of the highlights this year for me were.

Attended two world cup matches 

This was a dream of mine, to attend at least 1 world cup match. I saw both of the matches in Chinnaswami Stadium, Bangalore. It's a 5 hour-long journey for me to get to the ground and was totally worth it.

I saw India V/S Ireland & Australia V/S Canada

For India match I went with friends and for Australia match I went with family. It was really an amazing experience. Glad I went last year, I would have had to wait at least 20 years for next world cup in India, if I missed this one.

Drove car for 450 Kms in a single day.

My biggest drive ever. It took 7 hours. I went to Maruti driving school for a week and then did this drive. Had my license for 6 years but didn't have the confidence for a big drive.

I did a bike ride of same distance 3 years back. But 4 wheels is the way to go given the Indian road conditions.

It was so liberating, there is nothing like going for a long drive to put your life in perspective. The vehicle was Maruti SX4 by the way.

Been waiting for this at least 6 years.

Watched a new movie on the release day 

I was always afraid to go to movies on a release day because of the crowd. But this time i made an exception and tried it.

I still don't recommend it, if you want to watch the movie peacefully, too much noise from fanboys. I wouldn't go for one again.

I am not writing about the movie because it was a shitty one. And I don't want to give it any more publicity. This was three months back.

But glad I did it once to see what the fuzz was about. But I prefer quietness in theaters so this experience is not for me.

Started stock trading 

I always dreamt of doing trading. Thought it would be a good match with my personality. Even though it didn't go the way I wanted.

Could not have chosen a worst time to begin trading, but you have to start somewhere right.

Glad I started trading.

Started uploading videos to YouTube

I always wanted to review new gadgets and mobiles. Luckily Nokia started sending a few review units Nokia N97 MiniNokia X7Nokia BH 905i.

Luckily my youtube channel was approved for advertising this year.

More videos coming in 2012...

See even in a bad year there were so many good things. What were yours comment away.

Hoping both you and I will get to do many new things this year.