Bajaj Auto RE60 could be huge

It's a new car being developed by Bajaj, even though they claim it's not a car. It look like a car, has four wheels like a car. Don't think Nano think more in the vain of Mahindra's Reva.

They claim it has a mileage of 35 kmpl, if this is true. This car could be huge in cities and metros.

If they price it right under 1 lakh, there is a big market for such vehicles. With parking becoming more and more an issue, vehicles like this could take off.

A good mileage will only help the matter, If they can keep the price under 1 lakh. This could sell in big numbers.

The only issue I have with it, is the style of it. It looks ugly, check out the Tata Pixel the new concept car from Tata. If nano looked like that it could have been a huge hit.

Click here to know more about Tata Pixel

Why does RE60 look so ugly, why can't it be designed like the Tata pixel, it's not like people are going to drive this on highway. It will be mostly used in cities under 50 kmph speeds.

So they can add full fibre glass body and not worry about the structure or safety of the car. It will be much safer than the two wheelers.

Can you imagine the sales of a car that looks like Tata pixel costs under 1 lakh and give you 35 kmpl.

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