Gavaskar criticizes lack of practice, finally

Sunil Gavaskar has lashed out against India team for their lack of practice after their 2-0 loss against Australia.

"Christmas is big in Australia and it's understandable for Australian players taking off after the first Test. But what were our players doing? Why were not they doing practice? Have they gone there for sightseeing or play cricket?" asked a furious Gavaskar.

Good to see someone finally make a fuss about this.

In 2003 when i went to see a one day match in Bangalore, it was Australia v/s India.

I was in the stadium 2 hours early.

As soon as the teams arrived Australian team came on to the ground systematically started warming up and some fielding as a unit.

Then batsmen and bowlers divided into groups and started practicing their disciplines.

On the other hand Indian team came on the ground just few minites before the match and  their practice was not as structured or as intense as Australians.

No wonder Australians routed India in that match

Would just more practice help their cause, i don't think so more attitude change is necessary to improve the situation.

Even in the recently concluded test match, when Zaheer was batting in the second innings, Win for Australia was almost guaranteed.

But even then Ben Hilfenhaus dived to save a four which wouldn't have mattered that much, mind you he just finished his 3 over spell.

I can remember many Indian players who didn't dive or even put in an effort to stop the ball in Australian first innings. Laxman and Ashwin to name a few that didn't put any kind of real effort in fielding when Australia where scoring every other ball.

Some big decision have to be made by the BCCI to improve the situation, i don't think they are capable of those.