Indian cricket fans are really angry

Just read the comments to these stories We also won 2-0 in India & No need for anyone to retire - Sehwag Here are my views

Sachin had the better average of the series of all Indian batsmen. So dropping him is out of the question.

He should be exempt from dropping.

As someone from cricinfo comments said

“I feel that the decision to pick players should be purely based on form. I agree that laxman and dravid haven't performed that well this series, but has everyone forgotten dravids heroics in England? Yes, I believe that lax should be dropped, but not dravid. I wont even mention sachin being dropped, thats not possible. He has looked the best this series, and has averaged higher than most batsmen this series. The day Sachin retires from cricket, that's the day i'm done watching Indian cricket.”

The day Sachin is done, that is when i am done with Indian cricket but not cricket in general.

I think many are paid more than they are worth, when you look at other cricketing nations some times it gets to their head.

Sachin should retire but not for this series, but for a more sentimental reason. I want him to stay at 99 centuries. Like Bradman batting average 99.94, Sachin should leave it at 99 as a tribute to Bradman.

But now everyone might say he did it because he couldn’t score, so not sure about that now.

As Gangully was recommending during the match let India youth go and play English county for a season. My suggestion is 11 young players should be selected and sent to play in english county and pick the best who perform there. It would also be helpful to send Kohili and other players.

Give them a break from home series and send them overseas.

Don’t just remove players do something practical that will last.