My 2012 predictions

Many said the world would end. But we are still here... Yay for human race. How will the coming year be...


It's such a failure in India that even after 1 year no one i know has 3G, not because it's not available. But many still think its very costly.

Even I have not yet taken 3G because it cost nearly 1000 Rs per month to get a decent bandwidth connection.

Hopefully the telecom carriers will come to their senses and reasonably price the service in 2012.

There is always the rumor of getting 4G from reliance (Mukesh ambani's company). Hope it comes soon and give the 3G a run for it money.


Akash tablet was launched last year, I still think if you have the money iPad is the tablet to buy.

That will be the same in the coming year too. There will be plenty of chinese and local tablet manufactures. People will buy them and be disappointed and never use them again.

Apple will not launch a smaller version, but it will launch iPad 3 with double battery capacity of the current model. Retina display is also a sure thing.


More new car models will be launched this year. Reva from Mahindra will be an interesting thing to watch out for this year. If they plan and price it well this car could take off this year. Also new improved nano will see some good sales.

petrol prices will stay the same or could go up, as more problems seems to come up in middle east everyday.

Stock Market

By the end of the year both nifty and sensex will reach their all time highs. Most of the damage has already been done. Its time to go up, but slowly...


Nothing special will happen no new bills will be passed, until the next elections don't expect any big reforms.

Sooner or later Indians have to realize that local parties can't be given power. Coalitions governments will never be successful, it will become true as the year goes on.


India is expected to pick up some gold medals at olympics this year. They will but not in major sports like Hockey or athletics etc.  China & America will dominate.

Cricket will see India dominate at home but suffer overseas. I wonder if winning is because of lack of competition from other countries. No other country has genuine match winners.


No new os releases this year, just few updates here and there.

Android will dominate, Apple will keep continue making profits. Kind of dull year mobile os wise. There will hardware excitement through out the year mostly from android.

And apple will release its 1 model. I don't expect the price of iPhone 4S in india to come down, it will stay they same.


It's about time for new consoles, Nintendo has already shown its hand, now its Xbox and Sony's turn. They will showcase their new devices this year but might not release them this year.

Portable gaming will never reach its heyday as iPod touch & iPad will give them a stiff competition.

Sony's portable viva will be more successful than Nintendo's 3Ds

It will be interesting to watch, I will do a year-end review of my predictions...