One console to rule them all

After reading this article in which John Davison on why Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony may not stay in the console business much longer

It got me thinking, I can’t afford to buy 3 console every few years like everyone else. Even if i buy 3 consoles buying all the games on them to play, you need some serious money.

It cost 20000 Rs to get each console and 1000-3000 Rs per game. That make this hobby cost more than 1 lakh rupees. Not counting additional services like the xbox live etc.

How nice would it be if we had one console, the software on the console will be designed by Microsoft. But the hardware the console will be made by Sony and Nintendo will only do games for this console. No console of their own.

We as consumers get the best from each of the companies.

Microsoft’s software platform building capabilities and developer tools

Sony’s Hardware expertise and high quality hardware

Nintendo’s fun games to play.

All at a reasonable price because you will not be paying for 3 consoles, instead just 1 console and all the games.

Will this ever happen no it will not, we can always dream right.