Xbox 360 new strategy do this in India

Xbox 360 is still a costly console to own for many Indians.

They are offering a free xbox with Nokia Lumia purchase why haven’t they did something like this in India. This will give them a big marketshare in India.

There was a lot of talk about xbox live allowing to rent games in India. Which as far as i know was never implemented. It wouldn’t work because most game are over 4 Gb to download and not many people have high speed broadband connections with unlimited data for this to work in India.

I got the xbox before wifi was standard feature, so i didn’t connect it to internet. Just did recently via network cable, demos are big 1-2 Gb download.

Offer a game renting service similar to gamefly in India. This will get people into looking at gaming as a budget friendly service. This could a big revenue for Microsoft gaming in India.

There is a big market for netflix like service in India. With broadband adaptation so slow a service like netflix or gamefly could really take off in India.

Hope someone at Microsoft’s xbox india team is listening to this. Its not like you will loose much, the 360 is on its last legs anyway.

If it works you could bring the new console on day 1 and have a big market share in India.

People all ready are paying 500 per month for DTH. So if you can provide game rental service at those prices you could really make some money. Gamefly $7.95 (350) and netflix $7.99 (400) charge similar prices in US.