Enough with the new channels

Just saw an ad for Tensports Golf yes that is what we need now.

At the moment we have

Tensports Tensports Cricket Tensports Action +

Why do they need another channel just for one sport. Now there are 10 sports channels all ready with nothing on them. Even with all these channels we can’t watch super bowl live or many world sports events live.

Why can’t these channels buy rights of these programs or even request for free rights as a way to promote the sport in this part of the world.

All these channel are showing are repeats, Sport is the one thing that now was wants to watch on repeat or delayed.

It will never go back to the days when we had one channel like star sports that showed all the events live and you didn’t have to search for it.

Now when an event is live you have to search the schedule to see on which channel is carrying it.

Viewer is not happy with the situation. Even broadcasters can’t be happy with this situation, there i no loyalty among viewers.

Who is it for...

Recently Comedy Central channel launched the only program worth watching is the Daily show. All the other programs are repeats from other channels. So they have launched a channel for just one show.

Comedy central could have syndicated daily show to other channels. Why start a new channel for just one show and repeats of other sitcoms. Daily show air nearly 5 times on comedy central.

So stop with the new channels. Bring HD and reduce your channels which will make your viewers and you happy.

Bring some quality and get loyalty back ...