Don't drop your apple device

I am big apple fanboy, I have most of their devices, until recently i had no issues with any of them.

But few days back i dropped my iPod Nano and the screen cracked. I really was surprised that the screen was broken. It has taken quite a few knocks without any issues.

So was sad to see it broken, took it to repair hoping i will have to pay 1500 - 2500 Rs to replace the glass.

Guess how much it is?

It will cost me 7500 Rs, they can't repair the device they will just give me a new one which costs 8500 Rs at 7500 Rs.

It was still under warranty so i thought i would get some kind of benefit. But no luck.

Finally i contacted iRepair and they are asking 3500 Rs. Which is way better than what apple is offering.

So all i am saying is don't drop your apple device.