First hand report of Nokia Lumia and Samsung Galaxy note

Samsung Galaxy Note : Its huge, i mean very very big. Just visit the nearest UniverCell  store to see how huge this device actually is. It looks more like a 7 inch tablet than a mobile.

Looks weird holding it up to the ear for talking.

But strangely i saw three people with in 10 minutes in a mall using it as their mobile device.

I guess in India we want as big as we get for the money we pay. I still would only get iPhone or the galaxy s2 if you are android.

Nokia Lumia 800 : This phone looks really beautiful. The shape of the design is quite unique among the new phones. Feels very good in hand and has the right size.

Windows mobile make this phone a really unique experience.

If you want something different from ios and android give this phone a try.

PS: if you walk into UniverCell stores you can try these phones out. Love the way i can go and see new device and use them at their store. My next mobile purchase will be at an UniverCell.