Go watch Safe House

If you haven't watched "Safe House" why haven't you. This is one of the best movies of this year according to me. It even tops "Moneyball" in my list.

Just 5 minutes into the movie the action & suspense starts and it doesn't stop till the end credits. Even the ending is so satisfying very rare in movies now a days.

Its about CIA and  CIA rouge agent which you learn from the trailer.

This is what i tweeted during the interval. So just the first half is that good, in the second half it gets even better.

prasanthblog If u haven't seen "safe house" go watch it now. One heck of thriller. As good as "spy games" if you haven't seen it get off my twitter feed 14/03/12 11:38 PM

So many twist and turn, such intense action all through the movie. In most movies you have some time where you can relax but not in this. It action, action, action.

Denzel Washington best performance ever for me, better than training day. Same goes of Ryan Reynolds.

If you are fan of action movies do yourself a favor and go watch this movie. It was released on 10th february and its still playing to full houses in India

This is the number 1 action movie of all time for me. It just moved above Spy Games which was my number one so far.

After watching this movie if you come and say its bad. Don't ever come and read my stuff again, you have no taste...