Just bought an android phone, it out dated already

If you buy any android phone other than nexus series phones which google makes. Your phone will be outdated within 15 days with a new model.

Being outdated with new releases is one thing but being outdated because the software is not up to date is another thing.

For example an os update that was released 5 months back is still not on the top devices like Samsung galaxy S2 (my phone), Galaxy Note, to this day.

Even now most of the devices being released are coming with previous generation os. Most of the devices are not on Android ICS (latest version of android).

Google could implement these rules to rectify the situation.

1. Google should make it mandatory that all new phone sold should be on latest os (exceptions can be made for budget phones below $90-$70)

2. Google should look into customizations being made by the companies and limit it to basic home screen and widget customization. Which in turn will help the companies to implement latest firmwares faster.

3. Give an option to the user to switch to pure android version during initial setup. This should have been done when android was just starting. But they can make this a strick rule from now on.

4. Mandatory support to all devices sold for at least one year, if possible two years with latest firmware.

Manufactures could implement this rule themselves, give user an option to pay $30-$50 extra  and get a pure android version and support for latest firmware for two years.

Manufactures get more money and users can really take advantage of their device.

If you read reports like this you wonder where Google's loyalty lies. If they want to save android from fragmentation hell hole this is the only way out.

Until then stick to Nexus series, teach manufactures like Samsung, HTC, Motorola and others a lesson or switch to iOS or Windows Mobile.