Lacoste who says concept videos don't work

Few years back i saw this concept video and was stunned by the futuristic look.

The futuristic look at tennis was really refreshing, they had no product to sell in the ad. But still Lacoste stuck with me as a cool brand that thinks of the future in a futuristic way.

From then on i have been a fan of Lacoste. I couldn't afford this brands products at the time. But now that i can, i am buying all my stuff from them. All this for a ad they did few years back with no product in it.

Check out their cool product ad's

This spray costs around 3000 Rs, its different from the regular stuff give it a try.

This is the most different spray i have tested in a few years. costs 3500 Rs 70 ml.

Nice tag line Unconventional Chic

I also like their new Lacoste labs idea, hope many of those products make it to market.

Come on Lacoste when will you launch Lacoste online store in India.

So yes concept videos work, so companies keep doing them.