Xbox 360 is years ahead of PS3 in online features

If you have a Xbox 360 you don't know how good you have it. Playstation 3 online features are atrocious. Most of the time their network is down. When its working its dog slow at downloading demos and updates.

Most of the demos are full games which you can unlock by paying a fee. But the problem with that is you have to download a 4 Gb file to try out a game.

The online interface is also bad when you compare it with xbox.

Xbox 360 has big game title images where are as ps3 titles are just small thumbnails. Which become full screen movies when you select them not a idea ui.

Even though you have to pay 3500 Rs annual fee for xbox 360 its worth it compared to the free service offered by the ps3. PS3 also has a payed service which costs 3500 Rs per year. It offers free games and other content.

But after seeing how bad their free service is i am not willing to pay the playstation plus membership.

Xbox 360 offers a 1 month trial which lets you to see what you get with xbox live account.

Normally a system update will update all the features but not with ps3. even after a update you will have to do individual updates for many features.

At the moment xbox online ui and features are at least 5 years ahead of Playstation.

If i buy a next console it will be an xbox not playstation because next consoles will be using online heavily