Pertol hike is a good thing for India

The recent 7.5 Rs per liter pertrol hike should be a blessing in disguise for India and its automakers. Why are Mahindra and Tata not jumping at this oppurtunity.

Mahindra's Reva and Tata Nano should be the solution India should be looking for.

Not going on strikes

This is our chance to leap ahead of the world, these two companies have huge R & D. Why can't they put a solar panel on these electric cars and a ability to charge them.

Most of the Indian population leaves in metros where sun is shining all through out the year. And most people only travel about 20 kms per day or even less.

If its more than that i don't think people prefer going in cars.

Even if you just add 20% to the electric charge with solar panels that would be an attractive deal for many office goers.

So why not take this golden oppurtunity and introduce electric cars at discount by making some deals with the government.

We can be the first nation to be off the oil bandwagon and it will also save our cities from pollution.

I have written earlier about how tata nano missed a golden opportunity by not going the eco route with nano. Instead they went the cheap route and that didn't fly that well in India.

The company that launches first of these cars at a reasonable price will do a great service to India and in reducing world pollution.