Do a factory reset its a good thing

If you don't know what a factory reset is almost all gadgets especially mobiles have this feature.

A factory reset or master reset is a full restore of an electronic device to its factory settings.

Why am i recommending you to do this.

Even when your device is working fine doing a factory reset once in awhile is a good thing. It cleans the phone to its factory settings which will remove all the junk that been collecting on the phone.

I recently did a factory reset because i found nearly 200 app on my phone. Most of them i never used. There were so many settings and notifications and updates every day.

So i did a reset and started installing the apps only when i needed them. so far only 25 apps have been installed. so there were 175 apps that i was not using earlier on my phone.

Now i don’t have to do so many updates. Also phone feels much snappier now.

Before doing a factory reset back up all the things you want like sms, photos, bookmarks, contacts etc.

You can find factory reset in the settings menu, some are protected with passwords for which you can find passwords googling.

Mind you if you want to factory reset any apple devices you have to download the latest firmware from itunes and only then will you be able to use your device.

By doing a factory reset you will also fall in love with your device again. It becomes like the day it was bought.