E3 2012 few hits and mostly duds

After watching the big 3 console maker give their press conference it looks like this E3 is a dud. Many sequels were announced but very few new titles. Ever after getting so much time to come up with new games for Kinect, Move and Wii U, nothing interesting has been show. Its still the gimmicky stuff that we have seen with wii.

The ones that did get me interested were the tradition games. These are the ones that looked promising to me at this E3

Watch Dog looks amazing and the game play also looks quite interesting.

The Last of Us

This game got my interest for the close combat and lack of weaponry and styles of combat were very interesting indeed.

Rest of them were something you seen before jazzed up a bit.

Next E3 will be the big one as the next gen consoles will launch. Wii U doesn’t interest me, for that type of gaming i have iPad...