How to build your own website

A visitor to this site called shivamm asked me this question in the ask section of the website. I thought this would make nice post for other interested users. There are many ways to do it, depends on how hands on you want to be.

First choose a host, you can either go to big guys like

or even choose indian providers like

There you have to select a domain name or url for example mine is

Choose a small and easy to remember name, try to go local if urls are hard to find. Use your name and your city or india etc. Also put in what you want to do with the url like photos, blog, etc. in the url those will be available.

Get a .com but if you can't find a good one go for .in many domains there are still not taken.

Then sign up for a hosting package which will run from 1000 - 4500 Rs per year.

Now that your url and hosting part is done lets get to website building part.

You can go for pre built templates that you can find on internet where you only have to change images and text. Easy but look ugly.


Use CMS like Wordpress, Moveable type etc. I am using wordpress, most hosting sites offer to install these packages for you.

Once you install them just give a user name and password.

Using them is as easy as using email. All the hard stuff is done by the package you only have to worry about writing etc.

Tutorials for all the packages are easy to find. i prefer wordpress because its easy to use. you can change the look of the website by changing themes.


There is a third option to do a website in html if you want a simple site that you will not be updating very often.

For this you can use many software available like notepad, notepad+, coda, dreamweaver etc. To learn how to code use Codecademy

You can also use free services like blogger, wordpress and pay to get your own domain to your site. This is cheaper if you don't want to go into all the above mentioned stuff.

Also checkout Squarespace they also offer a nice solution to make websites. But its costly at 7000 Rs.

I know there is too much information here but making a website is a bit complicated. My advice is to get a free website from Wordpress, Blogger or Tumblr and use it for month or so.

That will get you started into knowing more about making website and how to run them etc. After a month if you think you want to host and design your own website you can start doing it.

It will cost you around 3000 - 5000 Rs for hosting and domain every year are you willing to spend that. Don't expect to make money from your website its a hard thing to do. Putting ads on a site will not get you easy money. Spend only if you are willing to do it everyday for few years.

It took me more than seven year to come to this stage, i still don't make enough money on my website to make a profit. It just about pays for the hosting etc.

I do it because i am passionate about it, if you are you will have lot of fun doing it and interacting with your users.