WWDC 2012 predictions 5 out 7

My predictions for 2012 WWDC which will being today around 10:30 pm indian time. Watch these sites for live coverage The Verge GDGT Engadget

iOS 6 preview no release date (will come with iPhone 5 when announced not at this event, too many distractions) Right iOS 6 was previewed and no release date

Mountain Lion preview and a release date Right both were done

Siri api and some app with api released after the event. Wrong

New mac pro hardware. Right

No Tv (if it is ever announced it will be during christmas time, ipod release time) Right

Apple Tv api very likely dev will be asked to develop for it. It will be included into the future apple tv. So Apple gets apps without having to pre show their Tv. Wrong

No new iPhone or iPad. Right

I will update the post after the announcements to see how well i did. Whats urs...

Out of 7 prediction i got 5 right better than most other analyst.