Dr.Kumar Vishwas bringing hindi poetry to masses

If you haven't heard of him don't worry i was also in the same boat.

I stopped listening to Hindi poetry once i stopped watching D.D which use to show Kavi sammelan at night times.

Dr.Kumar Vishwas style is also quite unique from other Hindi poets. His poetry is quite accesible to common man who has very basic Hindi knowledge. If you can understand Bollywood movies you can easily get into his poetry.

One of the first things you will notice is at Kavi Sammelans audience will start reciting his poetry as he is reciting. Never seen that before done for any poet.

Dr.Kumar Vishwas is at his best when he is at rural events in North India. That's where his real style comes out and is wonderful to listen.

His show in USA are also very good and has new poetry

He also was quite in news during Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal Bill rallies.

I love all his poetry but this one especially. You can even hear his voice tremble with sadness, how can you not feel for such poetry.

Sadly there are no official outlets where you can get his poetry other than attending one of his events, which don't happen that often.

But luckily there are quite a few videos on Youtube which have all his poetry and he encourages listeners to upload and spread his poetery which is also nice to see.

So now go and listen to his wonderful poetry...

Dr.Kumar Vishwas latest from July 2012