New Interview format for a Tv show

Update: while i was writing this i found a radio interview show on BBC called Chain reaction that is using this idea or did i get the idea from there, don't know. First episode of the show there will be an interview about a guest.

Rather than a host doing the show.

Every week the guest of previous episode has to host the show and interview his favorite person, it can be anyone. Only stipulation being it can’t be from the same profession he is from.

So politicians can’t interview another politician, actor can’t interview another actor.

This would give you an unbelievable, interesting and dynamic show.

The first few minutes will be introduction of the guest and what he does his achievements etc. Then about how he got started and what is his motivations for doing what he is doing. His daily routine, his home and belongings that he wants to show off. Then end with his future desires are etc.

We can also ignore the above procedure and go without any format, do what ever the interview want to talk or show about a new guest.

Could be an hour show to cover all the above topics and could be condensed into an 1/2 hour show.

Names for the show. Interviewers interview OR My favorites OR Let me introduce you

If anyone wants to run with this I will be more than happy to help with new ideas...