Felix Baumgartner breaks new record for space jump

Felix Baumgartner of Austria breaks new Space jump record.

In the process he also set a new record for highest ballon ride by any human being.

See all the records Felix Baumgartner is expecting to set

I didn't see the record jump by Joseph Kittinger but am glad i saw Felix Baumgartner's record jump.

Was amazing to see the whole thing live on Youtube

It was also nice to see Joseph Kittinger the previous record holder guding Felix Baumgartner's through the check list before the jump.

Joseph Kittinger was the only person talking to Felix Baumgartner through out the jump guiding him.

Amazing human co-operation and achievement.

More details about Felix Baumgartner's and his Red Bull Stratos team can be found here