Apple build quality thats what you pay for

Apple products in India cost 2 to 3 times as much as other brands. But why you should still pay and get an Apple products. MacBook air costs as much as 3 times the regular laptop. But why would anyone pay that much money. You might think it's for the design etc, which is beautiful by the way.

But why I paid so much money to get my Macbook Air was the build quality and endurance. My last 3 laptops have been from other companies like Compaq, Acre and HCL. None of these laptops lasted more than 1 year of my heavy usage.

I use my laptop at least 8-12 hours per day. So the laptops needs to be very well build. Even after two years my Apple Macbook Air is working wonderfully, touch wood. It's still has the amazing speed and battery life.

This laptop is the first one where I never had to carry adapter. If I want to just browse for a few hours I never take the adapter. I take the adapter only if I want to watch videos for few hours. Which is amazing, never been able to do that with other laptops.

Even after two years of heavy usage the laptop and the battery life is intact.

This is not just one of case I have had similar experience with other Apple products. My previous Apple laptop is working in full condition even after four years. I just needed to replace the battery after 3 years. The Macbook is successfully running in its 4th year.

iPhone I bought the first one and after 5 years it's still working. It has changed hand so many times. But still works and even the battery on the iPhone is as good as when it was bought. The two years I used it I was very rough with it. Never had any screen protector or case for it.

iPod Nano been using it for 2 years and even after a glass cracking fall it's still works. I think this too will last for a few more years. It even had many falls after the glass breaking fall, still works without any issues.

I even know a guy who has his 5-year-old white polycarbonate Macbook still working. Its has been so roughly used even I felt sorry for it. But still its working...

So when you buy an apple product think that you are paying extra for the build quality and it's totally worth it in the long run.