BBC Entertainment no more on india tv

BBC Worldwide is about to stop BBC entertainment channel which is now shown in India. It shows all the top BBC shows like TopGear, Doctor Who, Yes Minister etc.

Here is the reason they give for closing down the channel in India.

BBC Worldwide said on Thursday that it will stop beaming two leading entertainment channels - BBC Entertainment and the kids channel CBeebies - in India as it is no longer economically viable to do so.

How can they be loosing money in India. All they are doing is re-broadcasting their programmes which are shown in UK.

As far as i can tell there is no effort to do any localization. So why are they not making money? If any money was spent on advertising I haven't seen any ad's.

Sad to see BBC Entertainment leave but still don't get how they are losing money. Did BBC Worldwide overestimate the money it could make re-broadcasting shows in India?