Espnstar 5 minutes Cricket highlights on Youtube

Loving the new 5 Minutes hightlists of Test match between Australia v/s Southafrica uploaded by Espnstar Channel on Youtube

This is a fast and quick way to see the highlights on web or even on your mobile device. There are no slow-mo for wickets all just normal speed action. So its pretty fast and entertaining. They even have commentary which is amazing considering they have to make so many cuts.

The only complaint I have is that they are not doing hd video uploads, the video is letter boxed. Hope they fix that and we get HD 5 minutes highlights.

Hope they keep doing this for India v/s England test series.

By all means keep doing the 1 hour highlights on tv. But for web and quick consumption these 5 minutes highlights and just perfect.

Why can't they do this for tv too, people who don't have time will watch these.

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