GIRLS`GENERATION why no girl bands in India

After the PSY's - GANGNAM STYLE, I been looking at Korean pop groups and found this interesting girl band with nine members called Girls' Generation. I am in love with this song Flower power especially. Have heard it more times than the GANGNAM STYLE.

I don't understand this song like the GANGNAM STYLE song. It talks about flowers, spiders and butterflies or that's what I understand.

Why haven't Girl or Boys bands taken off in India. With Dance being their big selling point, why haven't girl bands or boy bands taken off in India. Is it because we are not comfortable sharing fame. Are our youth egos so big that they can't be in a group. It's always solo for us.

Also take a look at this boy band called TVXQ

Would love to see a girl or boy band with many members like this. Just pop with some stunning dance numbers.

We have some amazing choreographers and dancers in this countries, so hopefully someone will capitalize on this trend sooner than later.