Google doodle by Chandigarh student

For India's Children's Day celebration google has choosen the google doodle from Doodle4Google competition held in India.

Arun Kumar Yadav, a ninth standard student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Chandigarh was the winner and his doodle is on today on November. 14. 2012.

This year's theme 'Unity in Diversity' saw more than 2,00,000 entries from more than 1,000 schools, Google said.

A majority of the entries came from non-metros, he added.

I guess our metro students and busy facebooking and twittering etc.

Thats amazing to see so many schools compete in this event. Its also good to see google give students such an opportunity

But I would love to see some Indian artist's work up there as google logo.