should get more news time

Found about this wedding portal for Indian brides and grooms who are against Dowry. Its kind of sad that we need a specific wedding portal that says I don't want dowry to solve this age-old issue.

It's good to see at least IdontwantDowry.Com is doing this great service. This website is run by NKG INFO SERVICES PVT.LTD, Hyderabad. And its free to register your profile on the website.

They are also organising meet up events which is a great thing. Every parent in India should look into this portal and try to abolish dowry. This custom has no relevance in this day and age.

Shame on all the other wedding portals. They should have done something like this long ago. At least ask their members to report if any marriage proposals were stopped because of dowry issues. And then ban and report those users who asked for dowry.