India's highest paid women bosses for 2012

Fortune magazine came out with the list of highest paid women bosses in India, and these three women were the highest paid women ceo of 2012.

First place goes to Kavery Kalanithi of Sun Tv with a whopping 57 crores. The Sun tv Group earned a profit of 1,831 crores during this same period. So its good to see she is being rewarded for her work.

It's good to see Indian women doing so well in managing these companies.

But top 4 women on the list are family members of the majority stake holder of the companies meaning their family owns most of the company. First independent ceo comes at 5th place and she is Vinita Bali, MD, Britannia Industries at Rs 5.7 crores.

Would have loved to see more independent women in the top 5.  Another thing to note is that ICICI Bank MD and CEO Chanda Kochhar scored 8th on the list with pay of Rs 4.24 crore, is named as the most powerful woman in Indian business for the second consecutive year by Fortune.