iPhone 5 in India, apple still not serious about India

iPhone 5 launched in India today, prices start at 45000-59500 Rs.

An unlocked iPhone 5 is being sold for 37500 Rs in Canada. That would have been a competitive price in India.

When you compare Galaxy S3 (34000 Rs) and Galaxy Note 2 (37000 Rs), which are its real competition in India sell at these prices.

I heard that since Apple can't open stores in India they have to rely on local distributors. So they can't price it low as they have to pay a margin of the profit to distributors.

Still when Samsung and Microsoft are doing everything in India to get big market share. This move by Apple will only hurt them in future.

Once Samsung and Microsoft are well established it will be hard for Apple to gain any significant market share.

Until then lets all drool at them at Univercel stores and Imagine stores...

Some of the things you should know if you are buying an iPhone 5.

1. LTE only Airtel is offering LTE services. That two in only two cities. 2. Micro sim only 3 providers at the moment Airtel, MTNL, Vodafone. Even a 2G or 3G sim will work on iPhone 5 as its supports all the standards.